"Shakespeare at it's most Intense"
by Eleni Young for remotegoat on 05/09/12

The Bridewell Theatre offers any theatre company a beautiful and diverse space to perform in, and this performance certainly took advantage of it.

A simplistic set with colourful costumes depicting each character clearly adding depth and warmth to the production. Lead characters and chorus alike performed beautifully and used some interesting direction. Use of the platforms and various entrances kept their audience on their toes throughout.

The hate and disgust portrayed by Hamlet took the audience on a long and emotional roller coaster while his family and friends stand by. The chorus' ability to be individual but move and work as one kept the pace of performance high where other places lacked slightly. The choice in costume design, particularly the masks worn by the chorus, gave the performance a Greek Theatre ambience and worked incredibly well if not a stark contrast to the rest of the costumes worn. The performance obviously focuses on Hamlet but there was a lack of chemistry between the characters and Hamlet's hidden love for Ophelia and his love/hate relationship with his mother, the backstory could have been stronger.

A thoroughly enjoyable show which is true to the script, shows tragedy in a raw and destructive light, just as it should be. A production nearing 3 hours including interval means you will be in for a long and interesting ride.

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