"Love at a Railway Station"
by Eleni Young for remotegoat on 21/08/12

Set beautifully under the railway arches, this delightful production not only encaptures the setting of a railway station perfectly but delivers a story of relationships in a heart warming manner.

If you are not familiar with Noel Cowards work, this production is the perfect first step. Carefully directed and simplistic set gave the characters the opportunity to explore much more than the storyline and to go beyond the words on the page. Each turn of emotion, interaction and individual storyline was executed elegantly and left the audience wanting more.

Under the roof of Mrs Bagot's railway cafe, we are introduced to Laura Jesson (played by Alice Knapton)and Dr. Harvey (James Powell), who meet for the very first time. Playing the charming Doctor, Alec Powell saves the wonderfully polite Laura Jesson from a piece of grit in her eye. Admittedly, you wouldn't normally think that having grit in your eye would require saving, but it is from this that we see a beautiful yet doomed love blossom.

Around the lovers are Albert Godby, the platform controller who is smitten with the cafe owner Mrs Bagot. A relationship with so much chemistry that it could explode, shows us that love and that 'special little something' in a relationship never fades. Beryl, the cafe waitress, and her innocent relationship with Stanley takes you back to the days of first love as a teenager and the exciting feeling of butterflies in your stomach. I'm glad to say that I was not the only one in the audience who couldn't help but say 'aww'.

Wonderfully performed and directed throughout, the relationships between all the characters were not only believable but also engaging on a whole new level. Simple and effective, this production brings love and loss to a whole new audience who may not be familiar with Noel Cowards work.

My only complaint? I loved the characters so much I wish it could have been longer!

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