"A Smoldering Cast, Muscular Script"
by Yasmine Van Wilt on 10/04/12

Confidently directed, beautifully adapted and expertly acted, this adaptation of Jacques Cazotte's Devil In Love delights.

A difficult novel replete with complex narrative turns and sub-plots Rahil Liapopolou has created a complex and yet succinct dramatic adaptation. Orestis Sofokleous commands as the cocky Spanish soldier who conjures the affections of Noush Skaugen's sultry devil. An electrifying performer, Skaugen's empowered vulnerability mesmerizes her audience. The equally magnetic Kat Damvoglou dazzles as the jilted Olympia. Indeed, although she has few lines, her presence radiates. Skaugen and Damvoglou are surely actresses to 'watch.'

A solid and impressive first production by the Raven Theatre Ensemble--an absolute must-see.

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