"What a very enjoyable evening!"
by Rebecca Wall for remotegoat on 06/03/12

Where to begin with this recital? Perhaps with the fact that the evening was a delight to each of the senses, from the spine-tingling music to the opulent interior of the 1901 arts club, complete with the heady fragrance of the candles which lead one upstairs to the velvet armchairs of its bar (where equally heady wine awaits). The setting could not be more perfect for chamber music, with a relaxed and warm atmosphere in which the music filled the room without being overpowering, giving the comforting impression of your having been fortunate to share in an exclusive experience.

As somebody who enjoys music yet doesn't know a great deal about it, it was great to hear the informal yet very informative introduction to each sonata from a musician's perspective. There was a Viennese theme to the recital, and while the trio of composers were formed in the same rich background each piece perfectly demonstrated their unique styles, with the final, energetic yet seductive Violin Sonata No. 3 in D minor, op. 108 by Brahms proving to be particularly powerful. The Steinberg Duo's approach to the violin and piano repertoire is to present the two instruments as an equal partnership, and afterwards it was difficult to imagine the works being interpreted in any other way. All in all, both Duo and Venue are highly recommended!

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