"Snapshots of Lights and Darkness"
by Marco Marrese for remotegoat on 05/01/12

This show lives up to the company's name: Polaroid Theatre. Very well done and intriguing polaroid prints welcome you on the seats of the White Bear and moving snapshots are put on scene.

The first pièce in this Back 2 Back double is a mix of light and darkness with a whirlwind of characters and a bit of coherence. The monologues and dialogues touch on many an issues with love, either romantic, parental or committed, at centre stage with some lines that really stand out as brilliant (I won't spoil the fun for you, but trust me!).
The actors are very confident in their delivery and they have all rights to be so. Ben Riddle's performance is a little above the others, probably helped by the sour laughs that his weirdo and cute character generates in the audience. His body movement is so apt and natural that he really deserves a special mention.

The second pièce (Kill the Voices) is on the contrary 100% darkness. The darkness of a corrupted, damned mind for which we feel pity despite being aware of its crimes, at least until the depth of its offence are manifested in front of us and we cannot but censure it.
Unfortunately, the script of this second part is less successful than the first one but what is missing in the lines, is more than made up by the staging. First of all, it is introduced by Katie Elin-Salt singing beautifully at the piano. Then, the use of a puppet and lights on the stage is strongly evocative and emotional.

It is always amazing to see how many young and inventive directors, writers, actors we have here in London. This show by Polaroid Theatre is for sure worth to be at the top of this week's list for theatre goers.

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