"Sooty and Sweep at Christmas"
by Margaret Morley for remotegoat on 21/12/11

This is a great show for children. Sooty and his friends Sweep and Soo, delight the audience in this, "The Sooty Christmas Show." For those who have only seen the bear, dog and panda on TV before or not at all, it is a great opportunity to see them live and to get to know and enjoy their characters. It is a show full of Christmas cheer in the run up to Christmas, it is currently showing at The Garrick Theatre in London.

Many adults may remember seeing Sooty on TV as a child and may wish to bring their children to see the show. Sooty is now in the hands of a new family, he is with Richard Cadell. Richard presents and directs the show as well as being one of the writers of the show. He is outstanding in the show, enthusiastic, with good tone of voice, well animated and works very well entertaining children.

The stage is set as a house, with a view of the outline of the building and a view into the kitchen. This is quite scenic but it all appears to be made of wood or cardboard and therefore does not seem to be real. Likewise the Christmas tree was wooden or cardboard although the lights were real. Some, "real" objects may have given the kitchen a more authentic look.

Santa Claus's first appearance on stage was great, he was seen passing by the back window of the house and this led up to the excitement of him appearing in the house. The show also includes other guest appearances. Oh and today it was someone's birthday and it was not forgetten, it is good to remember those who have birthdays near Christmas. There is a bag of goodies for every child and the children really seemed to enjoy the show-as did their parents or guardians.

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