"American Baseball and Brad Pitt"
by Margaret Morley for remotegoat on 27/11/11

Brad Pitt stars in the film Moneyball, which is based on a true story. He plays Billy Beane, a former player and now manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team. He has the tough task of putting together an American baseball team, with the aim of being successful despite limited financial resources.

This film should be of particular interest to people interested in sport or Brad Pitt fans. Brad is very charismatic in the film. A parallel with other sports such as cricket and football is evident in respect of team members having to be selected, players having to be replaced, play needing to be evaluated and the need to deal with the economics of aiming to be a successful team. In this instance statistics are analysed as a means to find a way of producing a winning team on a low budget. Jonah Hill plays Peter Brand who analyses the statistics.

Both of these actors are remarkable. Brad plays his role with a cheerful disposition, he never really looks worried. A notable scene is where he explains that he can't really develop personal relationships with the team members, as he has to cut some of them from the roster.

The film also looks at a father-daughter relationship and the prospect of the father being able to pay for his child's education. It also covers the behind the scenes management of a professional sports team, which may not be easy going for some. One of the highlights of the film however is the fantastic coverage of live professional baseball.

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