"Blissfully Innocent, yet very moreish"
by James Hodgson for remotegoat on 09/11/11

I felt for a minute I had returned to the back room of my local to hear the ever cheery middle-aged blues band doing their stuff with the honky-tonk piano and hand-me-down double bass, but right here lies the charm of this simple blues troupe.

It is fair to say the band could do with a new lyricist and a slightly more imaginative percussionist, but what works so well about this band is that it is not too serious- the fun exudes from the music, it gets your toes tapping. Technically, the lead is sometimes slightly to oppressive, and it would be nice to hear more variation in the singer's tone, but mostly it fits very well. In particular, the dialogue between guitar and harmonica is stylishly and innovatively poised, and once again remains playful, making the music seem much more amiable against the rugged vocals (which is a good thing- the contrast works well).

All in all, I am not sure this band should move from the back room of my local, purely because it is what it is- this is not ground-breaking music we are hearing, but it is music worth listening to, particularly with an accompanying pint of Best.

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