"Fun with The Gingerbread Man"
by Margaret Morley for remotegoat on 28/10/11

"The Gingerbread Man", is a show designed for 3-7 year olds, and indeed is a topic to please even an older audience. It opens with two girls (played by Caroline Bowman and Charlotte Quartermaine) larking about in their mothers’ kitchen. The fun antics with kitchen foil, flour and such-like, carry on outside the view of their mother. Their mother (played by actress Sunna Reynisdottir) enters and the children try to behave. Incidentally part of the mothers costume, includes matching shoes and handbag.

This show is a comedy, which the children in the audience found funny and amusing. The play demonstrated a good contrast in characters between the posh mother and the two fun loving children. The on the ball audience members, must have been to some pantomimes before, as without prompting, they started saying “behind you”, where appropriate. The show was entertaining.

The play was educational in that one discovers what is in the recipe to make a Gingerbread Man, but I think there was scope for the story to be more educational and perhaps have a moral to the story.

There was great technical skill observed in some of the acting and the puppetry work as well, who knows where this will lead, I think onto bigger things.

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