"Attraction during Sci-fi problematic times"
by Margaret Morley on 10/10/11

I was drawn to see this movie due to Ewan McGregor starring in it, an actor who is renowned for his great and diverse acting skills. The versatile actor lived up to expectations and did not let one down. The Guildhall School of Music and Drama trained actor demonstrates a deep profoundness in what he does, from grating the cheese to tasting the food. There is so much behind every move and this movie includes some alluring love scenes. Questions that he has invariably been asked about his movies are; "Does he take off his clothes and if so to what extent?" And so on and so forth.

Moving on to his co-star Eva Green, she is an attractive raven haired fine actress, who plays a role where one watches a relationship develop between the two- Ewan McGregor playing a chef named Michael and Eva Green playing an epidemiologist named Susan. The camera was on her at times, like that of a page three model. The politics of their relationship is another matter. On the one hand she is given a speech on the base realities of their relationship as seem from a man's point of view and at another time she asks her partner to leave her apartment at a crucial time.

A scene in the kitchen gave an insight into the somewhat frantic and busy realities that chefs face. There were what seemed to be burn marks on Ewan McGregor's arms, either real from working in the kitchen or very realistic, as it is so easy to get burnt in this type of situation. Also springing to mind is another particularly well written scene, which includes a man being asked how he is feeling, and he answers, explaining that he has been stuck there for about fifteen hours, so how is he expected to feel?

However, overall, I found that the topic of the film could not really hold my attention and I did not see this as a convincing sociological examination of the subject matter. People were suffering from Severe Olfactory Syndrome, (S.O.S), and at times experienced some traumatic emotional pain. The symptoms were depicted, sometimes graphically where people were loosing their sense of smell and also their sense of taste and then they developed a ravenous hunger and appetite. I felt things went a bit wacky when shaving foam and soap was eaten, seemingly as a result of the illness they had. There are a few laughs however where the chef is called a, "sailor".

In this low budget, 15 certificated film, there is some bad language and vegetarians may wish to opt out from watching.

On the plus side, as a bonus this film features the special guest Denis Lawson, Ewan McGregor's uncle, who has appeared in the Star Wars films. In summary this is a sci-fi film which looks at attraction, set in a world of catastrophic circumstances.

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