"Promising First for Energetic Company"
by Marco Marrese for remotegoat on 08/10/11

Superbolt Theatre is surely an enthusiastic and energetic young Company that is having a good start with this production. They will have plenty of occasions to build on their skills and I expect they will only become better as they appear to have the commitment and drive for it.

Before we get to the merits (and a few weaknesses; totally understandable for a first!!!) of this staging, let me give you an advice: have a look at the website of those guys, their Tweeter page and their video on wefund.com and you'll get a sense of their energy and inspiration (by the way, Centralia is based on a true story).

Centralia is a sort of Spoon Rivers Anthology that takes us to an abandoned mining town in Pennsylvania: a mining accident happened that resulted in an environmental nightmare and its evacuation. Everyone moved out, bar our 4 characters on the stage and they are now on a tour to tell us about their lives and stories.

The four personalities are characterized well and consistently and the actors perform all about at the same level, with maybe Frode Gjerløw a small step above the others, as he looked better at creating a relationship with the spectators.

In achieving this, all actors participate in a profusion of theatrical languages that captivates and entertains the audience. No doubt.
Comedy is mixed with a lot of physical theatre and interesting choreography. There is dance and there is singing; but, then, there is also a very fitting piece of mute to deliver drama towards the end. And you will also enjoy the lighting, very inventive! All very good (unless you're only into classical staging, but then, you're warned now): they have experimented with everything and, most of the time, the result is successful.

What comes out short, possibly because of the very pace of experimentation, is the storyline. There's a lack of unity in it. One gets lost and can't really piece together the story of Centralia, as a town, before or after the accident. And also the conclusion appears weak and unmotivated.

What is not lacking, for sure, is the surprise element in this staging, at every corner, up to the end. But this is not for me to tell now, and it is one reason more to go to this first show by Superbolt Theatre Company.

And keep an eye on them, as I am sure they will keep getting better.

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