"Exciting, Mystical, Fantasy, Wizardry Extravaganza."
by Margaret Morley for remotegoat on 06/10/11

This is an exciting, mystical, fantasy, wizardry extravaganza.
It is a film which is full of flying broomsticks, snakes, goblets, jewellery and swords, oh and not to forget magic wands. Oh yes and weeping willows, wizards, school emblems and stripy school ties.

To begin with an amazing production; the buildings, the stonework, the stairs, the list goes on. J.K. Rowling the author also assisted with the production. There are also amazing special visual effects. It's not viable to mention all the good things.

It can be difficult to maintain high standards and interest with sequels, but just as in the, "Rocky" sequels starring Sylvester Stallone, this has been achieved.

The film includes a special guest appearance from John Hurt, who played Quentin Crisp in, "The Naked Civil Servant".

Amongst the animals that appeared in the show, was the flying dinosaur. He or she had injuries and stained blood marks from the chain around its neck. Hopefully the message people will get from this is that that is cruel.

Some of the characters looked deliberately repulsive and sickening, they looked gross and grotesque. Some are long nailed and some have rotting teeth. They were the evil characters and according to myth should look that way.

Harry Potter is played by Daniel Radcliffe. Excellently cast, the jet black haired, blue eyed, circular rimmed bespectacled character, appears old enough to have left school and perhaps be in the sixth form and thus able to wear his own clothes. In addition to this he has grown a bit of stubble. Along side him are his compatriots, also well cast, played by Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.

A film well worth viewing, and it has been released in the run up to Halloween!! It can be seen in 3D at Imax cinemas.

The slithering snake was well trained. Who knows if this is really the last film, maybe the slithering slinky snake may be the only one who really knows…. And he or she does have a very big mouth….Ssssssss.

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