"Mad, glad, fast paced hilarity"
by Victoria Claringbold for remotegoat on 08/08/11

'Four Screws Loose' are a four man sketch comedy group who greet their audiences as they enter dressed in wigs and bizarre clothes. Usually found performing at the Etcetera theatre and Canal Cafe in London they have brought their raucous blend of concentrated sketches north for the month.

First up we have a militant, American, camp photographer who want to shoot the children (the audience) in various inappropriate ways. He even brings on a half naked sidekick in superman pants who literally whips the crowd into a frenzy.

Next they have a sketch that I have decided should be called 'Jesus meets the rude boys' or rather Jesus comes back to earth to find he doesn't really speak the language of today's youth. This well formed sketch is returned to later when Jay-Zeus (as he now refers to himself) attempts to converse with Christians who are baffled by his urban vernacular.

Tesco self-checkout and Primark store workers sketches take observational humour to new levels. A rap about the horrors of discount shopping had the packed out venue in fits of laughter.

I was particularly fond of a sketch about a 10 year old kid who thinks he is a Mafiosi. His character was well realised and it was brilliant when he broke accent to tell how he didn't talk to one friend anymore since he pushed him off the swings.

An episode of Casualty told through pop songs was a highlight for me too. Posh girls and competitive prostitutes were also master-classes in character comedy.

Even when some of the group started corpsing in places it worked in the group's favour as it got even more laughs.

The finale was a new twist on Bohemian Rhapsody in which reality television is attacked and Simon Cowell, Michael McIntyre and David Hasselhoff are impersonated. As sob stories and past characters audition for the panel the roars of the knowing audience increased.

'Four Screws Loose' have a sharp, energetic and rude show with cranked up characters having a ball. This fast, fun, wonderfully silly show is part of the free fringe - get down there if you can squeeze in!

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