"Beautiful, strong, striking, must see"
by Judy Collins for remotegoat on 30/06/11

Keeping your head down after almost being burned for being a heretic should be an easy task…or so you'd think! Not for Thomas Wollerton.

Trickster Theatre's newest offering "A Warning Against Idle Gossip" is a story about one man's struggle with living within his beliefs, staying alive and keeping his loved ones alive.

The play, written by Michael Crowley, is set in a church in England 1556. Right from the very start the ambience of Studio Liverpool, with its bare wooden floors and rafters, makes us feel like we are right there in the church. The smell of incense and Father Bampton dishing out communion as we are waiting certainly sets the mood.

The set is very simple with the action taking place all around us, almost making us feel as if we are spying on the story as it unfolds.

Directed by Ron Meadows, this is a beautifully told tale of family loyalty, personal faith and morality.

Although the story itself is not particularly new, the way that Crowley has written the play made me care about the characters. Wollerton (Carl Wharton) is pulled from his rock of faith between many hard places; wife Anne (Bronwyn Ebdon), son Robert (David Alnwick) and Bampton (Cellan Scott). This is all compounded when he has to look over Wallop (David Collins), a murderous vagabond. Wallop is the perfect vehicle for Crowley to explain the story through. In explaining the political / religious happenings of the times to Wallop, the audience is always kept in the loop.

All of this, put together with strong acting throughout, striking lighting which gives the impression of a Caravaggio painting (one of the scenes is done completely in candle light) and sound direction, A Warning Against Idle Gossip is a great way to spend ones evening!

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