"Dirty, Crass and Thoroughly Enjoyable"
by Eleni Young for remotegoat on 08/05/11

A simple black box space with a few props and a cast of three set the scene for this theatrical adventure of family secrets, drugs and fish-knapping. Our characters desperation for money, the threat of eviction and unexpected pregnancy throw the audience into an hour long performance of dark comedy.

Without giving too much away this raw piece of new writing exceeds all expectations. On arriving at the Pleasance I didn't really know what to expect. Initially when you first hear of a performance involving young people and drugs, you automatically think it will be about the club scene. Well, this refreshing performance shows it doesn't have to follow the formulaic plot line. To call this performance 'funny' would be an understatement. The fish-knapping scene was wonderfully presented, and quite frankly I have not laughed so hard at a piece of theatre for a long time.

Each actor doubled up on playing characters, using subtle costume changes to suit them, or isolating the on stage character using only voice. Characters were distinct and easily recognisable and scene changes were smooth, effortless and well choreographed. The rapport, history and showmanship between the characters (individually and collectively) was second to none, which enabled the audience to feel as if they really were sitting in on the ride.

So, if you fancy something that's a bit different, oddly charismatic and funny as hell, get down to see this performance. It's a theatrical experience you'll never forget.

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