"Workable Script Is Top Drawer"
by remotegoat reviewer for remotegoat on 20/04/11

Liverpool's write now festival have produced a set of one act plays
by new writer, lovingly nourished by industry professionals and in a
final draft thrown to the world in a one act love in, that's in it's impressive
second year.

Experience and award winning writer Dick Curran, has produced a one off
classic that never fails to impress upon it's final development. The writing
is very clever, with double-entendres galore, intrigue, comedy, and very
interestingly a period of characterization (about an hour) that see's our
hero tied up with a high heel-heel shoved in his mouth. It is very, very
funny, and we were treated to an amazing set of performances by our
talented quartet of actors.

The play opens with the most decent couple in the world Mike (wonderfully
played by Nick Wymer, our hero, of sorts), and the deliciously bland and
ordinary wifey Dawn in the actress Angie Walker. There's is a night in in front
of the television, with a glass of wine each, and probably Antiques Roadshow,
because they can! Snuggled up for the rest of the evening is not to last, when
work colleague and ultimate 'pest' Ross, amazingly played by Charles Hurcombe,
decides he is going to let out his frustration in the form of drink, art work, and sheer
bullying upon his friends, that they find is not is all that it seems. The humour is
slick and the dialogue fine, and there are lovely moments when the trio nearly go
up in a blaze of smoke, but are saved by the fiancee Sacha's (assertively performed
by Amy Stokes) control of Ross, and men in general. It all ends in disaster of course!

Wonderful writing, beautifully played and performed, and nicely directed by Rob
Rowbotham. I suspect although I have not seen every single play in the festival
(only 50%!), but that this is the best play in performance within this group.
Certainly NOT to be missed!

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