"show had lovely energetic pace"
by Judy Collins for remotegoat on 20/04/11

Formby is being terrorised by a monster. A big black dog called Striker. But Striker is no ordinary dog. He's a werewolf.
The story that ensues tells of Isabel (Kate Malpass) who decides she wants to see the heady heights of Liverpool. On her travels she meets Jenny and Captain Astrid (Kate Benfield) and Starbuck and Dr Lake (Brad Thompson). Jenny gives her the travel bug and with lots of Merseyside and Merseyrail facts Isabel starts her journey to discover The Black Dog of Formby.
The set was beautifully simple with one rostra and torn up newspaper to read relevant facts from (and to have a little dig at The Sun newspaper!). They also used the auditorium nicely, coming out around the audience.
It was a shame that there weren't any children in the audience, although this is a tale for all ages (there were a few subtle adult only jokes slipped in), it would have been nice to see their reactions. I did wonder if a tale of the flesh eating creature would have been a little grim for a younger audience.
Although some of the jokes and facts were a little lost due to the speed of the dialogue, the show had a lovely energetic pace and whether intentional, I also picked up on a few parallels to the Wizard of Oz.

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