"Charming and hilarious little plays."
by Rory Thomas on 01/03/11

Pentameters is a great venue for an intimate little show like this. The Red Peppers is first up and honks the horn of its bad jokes loudly and often, as husband-and-wife act The Red Peppers deal with an out-of-time conductor, an uppity theatre manager and an over-dramatic dame. Cheeky, sweet and funny.

Still Life also keeps a smile on its face for much of the proceedings, though its tone leans more towards the serious towards the end. A window onto a world consisting of a train station cafe, we watch as an affair is begun, conducted and ended almost entirely at a table over slightly-too-milky cups of tea, while in the background other relationships bounce around merrily for comic relief. Contemplative of bigger issues without being pretentious, loving and affectionate without being schmaltzy, this might not be Coward's best-known work, but it's still great stuff.