"A good improvised evenings entertainment"
by Coco Hall for remotegoat on 24/02/11

This improvised game show at The Miller is a bit of a find. Good atmosphere, friendly audience and the food downstairs smelled delicious, so get there early and grab something to eat beforehand. The audience is split up into teams and asked to fill in a quiz sheet - with no too serious answers. Predictably a lot of the answers are rather smutty, but hey, that's the British SOH for you, schooled on Carry On and Benny Hill. The team of Buzzards then improvise scenes based on the answers on the quiz sheets, so what you get each time varies in funnyness factor depending on how inspired the audience are.
The teams earn points and points make prizes, though the Darius CD remains unclaimed.
We particularly enjoyed the Nun at the Job Centre Plus and Bus from Cricklewood to Armageddon scenes. The team of improvisers were pretty good and much laughter ensued. A good evening was had by all.

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