"Decadent idea that lacks glitter"
by Coco Hall for remotegoat on 13/12/10

I think Love Brunch may well me a bit like Marmite - you either love it or hate it. I don't like Marmite...

The listing sounded brilliant - a Saturday afternoon club where you sit on beds and get something to eat (eggs benedict was mentioned), then there's an eclectic mix of entertainment - we caught a bit of burlesque at the birthday bash this Saturday - and then music and mingling.
However, in reality the experience was disappointingly different to the puff. We arrived late, but that was because we had been turned away earlier by a sullen coat attendant who informed us that most people don't get here till 1, even though the website said it opens at 11. Fortunately the club is 2 minutes away from Portobello Road, so we spent an enjoyable couple of hours there before going back. And that was the highlight of the afternoon...

On our return we found the club packed to the rafters with lots of pretty young things ('the university rugby team on a night out' sprung to mind). The music was ear-bleedingly loud, so any chance of mingling was highly unlikely by this point. We had missed the eggs - so we watched the cute burlesque, but the barstaff were so disinterested in serving that we left quite soon.

Other reviews of this event are strikingly polarised. People either love it or not. I think this could be due to a mistake in the way it's marketed. If you are looking for a decadent supper club experience then Volupte does it in a more classy way. But if you are looking for an afternoon alternative to your usual banging Saturday night, where food is not really an issue, where you can dance on beds, and enjoy the bacchanal, then you'll probably like Love Brunch.

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