"A welcome and gripping visitation"
by Andy Slater for remotegoat on 01/09/10

This intriguing melancholy family drama by acclaimed Norwegian playwright Jon Fosse makes its UK debut at Theatre Delicatessen, forged in its atmospheric upstairs space.

Girl (Ami Sayers) is a worry to her mother (Nikki Squire) - she takes long seemingly aimless walks, is deceptive and appears petrified of other people. Her mother's attempts to galvanize her life are failing, however she is consoled by the relationship she has with her partner Man (Cornelius Garret). But when Girl confides to her brother (Ben Hale) - who has already flown the nest - about a dark secret she has been holding, it threatens to topple the household.

Scenes of a confrontation between her brother and Man and a pitiable birthday celebration for Girl are finely constructed with Lars Harald Gathe's direction moulding the text into something engrossing. This naturalistic dialogue is twinned with an ethereal narrative but it is the way the characters are trapped in themselves as much as they are in their connections with each other that make the performances captivating.

The cast all deliver involving portrayals of the familial members with Ami Sayers' riveting, hopeless Girl probably the most prominent. The construction of the stage furniture from scrap materials hints at the somewhat strained mood of the piece, and they are set in front of large backlit windows which loom over the performance area as moving ghostly silhouettes add a sense of foreboding.

There is a cyclical nature to the work, the idea that as we try and run to the future, we may end up reliving our past but there is certainly a strong future for Frogme Theatre Company based on their production here.

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