"Proficient twosome provide comic strands"
by Andy Slater for remotegoat on 19/07/10

This enjoyable two-hander from sketch group 'Til We Leave follows two friends Kyle (Kyle Eaton) and Craig (Craig Gilbert) when they become marooned in Chile with no money and little sense. Filled with quick-fire gags, the piece is stitched together with comedy set-pieces, often bordering on the surreal as they encounter bizarre job interviews, goats with a taste for money and cannibal vegetarians.

As Kyle and Craig embed themselves in increasingly ludicrous capers to try and escape South America, their desperation increases exponentially with the parade of oddities they meet. The jokes don't always hit the mark but the piece wears a knowing wry smile and a partnership at the heart of it is filled with silliness and good rapport. The show does turn blue at varying points with turns on bad ecstasy trips and a sprinkling of foul language but this is always good natured and works fine in context.

The simplicity of just having two blokes on stage, riffing on the classic comedy staple of being trapped in a situation they can't get out of, gives the material time to breath and the fast tempo means the performance never drags.

There are sections that aren't too effective - such as when the twosome act as stand-up comedians with no feeling down one side - and some of the more weird sequences feel a tad betwixt and between as they neither fully embrace the comedy of the absurd nor feel quite at home with the more traditional hilarity on offer.

'Til We Leave note Little Britain as a strong influence but this piece, also featuring Daryll Garavan behind the scenes, has more of the feel of Alexei Sayle's Stuff with East Midlands accents standing in for scouse. The stagecraft is good with both performers utilising a quite simple cabaret space with excellent movement and physical presence.

Overall this short production is a pleasure to watch with neat timing and above average laughs and whilst the writing is occasionally off-base, its innovative structure and well-crafted quips provide plenty of comic ammunition.

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