"Good voyage through cheese-y classic"
by Peter Carrington for remotegoat on 01/07/10

Spacework's production of Treasure Island is a thigh-slapping romp on the high seas, swinging in and carrying the audience along with it. This voyage of hilarity is accomplished as a result of the mightily strong cast that has been assembled, not one is weak, nor detracts from the experience.

First among equals is the talented Jamie Richards, who menaces as Blind Pugh, dragging the shadows with him at each footstep. That he is able to balance such evil imperceptibly the steadfast Captain Smollett is testament to his talent. The weight of the tale lies on the shoulders of Jim Hawkins, ably handled by Robert Sladden who portrays Jim's naivety without idiocy. Paddy Crawley dominates the stage as Long John Silver whenever he appears, bringing gravitas to his evil in an understated shadow which may be outshone by the other bright lights. Amongst those bright lights are Zenia Bond as the gung-ho Lady Trelawney, who along with the adorable Maddie Moate as Lucinda Livesey burst onto the stage with boundless joy in every syllable of their attitudes. Honorable mentions go to Matthew Gould as the eccentric Ben Gunn and the talented Amy McGavin who skillfully operates Captain Flint the parrot.

The production itself is a mixed bag, Spaceworks have some clever ideas and ably achieve them, such as the swift and seamless scene changes as well as entrances and exits that are accomplished with a slight of hand like a magician. One matter that was slightly confusing was the costumes that included frilly shirts with modern waistcoats; perhaps to hint at the piracy taking place on the isle of dogs in the modern day.

The production is a close family member to the pantomime, with songs and an enthusiasm to involve the audience; particularly a younger or young at heart one. In the end it is their boundless enthusiasm that sets the sails on this great play, if you want to find the entertainment treasure on the isle of dogs this summer, set your course for The Space

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