"funny realistic gritty sexy provocative"
by Martin Smith on 11/03/10

Popped in while grabbing a beer at the Hen & Chickens and was so pleasantly surprised. After a witty opening piece (Do not call), including some great acting, I was definitely warmed up for the rest of the show.

We moved on to a serious (OK maybe not quite so serious)review of good and evil (The interview) - Really well written and superbly acted. I just loved the coordinated satanic laughing!

Then onto the finale (On the Permanence of Fugitive Colours), although the writing in the previous pieces was sharp and witty, this really was Casados' showpiece - a stunning piece of work. The material was accessible but thought provoking, lean but satisfying, sexy but serious. The acting was truly electric - are the actors in a relationship? if they are not then I am seriously impressed.

Dont know where the main reviewer was for the last show, there was no sex worker anywhere in site. Um....

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