"Thoroughly refreshing and entertaining evening"
by Sophie Cornell for remotegoat on 24/01/10

In Jalalabad, Sayid, a young flower-seller, dreams of making his sister proud. When his path crosses that of 'Scary' Mary the cut-throat journalist she whisks him off to The West to make a story of him. Portraying him as a Terrorist, she believes her career is made when she discovers he has fallen into the hands of a 'sleeper cell'. Will Sayid go through with his mission to destroy the Unidentified-Very-Prestigious-Landmark? Will Hussein and Mary share the glory of this destruction? Or will sister Shazzia find Sayid in time? With catchy toe-tapping tunes and a huge spoonful of satire this new musical will have you gasping in disbelief.

Yannick Fernandes' performance as Sayid is well handled. He has a lovely voice in the lower register especially and uses sugary-sweet falsetto to great effect in his love song 'Her Eyes'.

Delroy Atkinson as Todd is a suitably stupid tag-along, posing the moral questions so seamlessly you hardly notice yourself considering them. However he excels in his role as Shaniqua the busty, no-nonsense airport security guard. Harvesting the laughs, just his appearance brings giggles.

Tara Carrozza is strong in duel roles as Noor and Shazzia and shows her adaptability. Gina Murray is entertaining and slick, and has great chemistry with Sorab Wadia as Hussein who is also strong with good comic timing.

The stand out performance comes from Richard David-Caine as Vlad, Jacques and Bobita. With his superb physicality, facial expressions and presence he steals the show with "Marvellous, Marvellous France". It is clear he has the makings of a superb comic performer.

The sharp and witty script is very well written with the pace never flagging. Samuel and Scheuer have created a more controversial 'Avenue Q', although currently a little raw, once polished this production could easily transfer to the West End. Assuming, of course, anyone has the nerve to take this minefield of political correctness on.

Hats off to Gordon Greenberg as Director and Seabright Productions for bringing this to life - a thoroughly refreshing and entertaining evening.

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