"Unique, funny and moving production."
by remotegoat reviewer for remotegoat on 27/10/09

Yellow Earth's short residency at Greenwich Theatre continued this week with the second modern play that they are presenting in rep this autumn. The talented cast shine even brighter here than in sister piece, Boom, and wAve's beautifully shaded production and performances plotted a course for the audience taking us through everything from high comedy to heart stopping tension.

Directed by Yellow Earth Co-Artistic Director Jonathan Man, wAve tells us the story of M. With her son obsessed with computer games, her family in a distant land and her junk-food obsessed husband starring in a doomed-from-the-outset movie version of Miss Saigon, M is unable to leave the house or even fully engage with the strange land she finds herself in. All she seems to be able to indentify with in New York is the horribly crass, potentially racist, television show Chinky and Gooky, a review show in which two cartoon-like Asian actors worship Ang Lee and legitimise yet attack every Eastern stereotype Hollywood has imposed on us.

Jonathan Man directs a beautifully slick production which not only keeps the pace romping along but often, with the simplistic staging, clean lines and beautiful lighting design from Douglas Kuhrt, mirrors the sterile society the individuals are inhabiting.

Eventually, as everything around M turns out to be a hollow façade, she struggles to find a way to make her husband feel pain in this artificial, hyper-real society, the pain he has caused her by his philandering and through his increasingly cold and dismissive nature. Those familiar with Meadea may see the dramatic conclusion coming but it won't either diminish or dilute its dramatic power.

To single out performances in this strong ensemble is almost impossible but, as with sister-piece, Boom, Yellow Earth and their rep company of actors have created a modern piece that is both funny and touching while feeling unique. It's not often you come across a play quite like this one.

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