"A Story Of Our Time"
by remotegoat reviewer on 10/08/09

I saw Spring Awakening on Wednesday night. It's now Friday morning and it is still with me. I have never been so enthralled by a musical. It has restored my faith in the West End, just as I was beginning to think we'd lost it to reality tv and z-list celebs.

In short, I loved it.

I loved the performances: a mostly young cast, many of whom are making their West End debuts. Aneurin Barnard treads the perfect line between knowingness and arrogance as born-before-his-time Melchior, Charlotte Wakefield's Wendla is adorable caught in the place between being a girl and being a woman, and a special mention must be given to Iwan Rheon as the loveable misfit Mortiz.

I loved the piece: 19th century Germany set against a backdrop of bang up-to-date rock. It's hard and edgy, but not too cool for school with beautiful moments that balance the teenage angst of growing up in an adults' world with the sheer wonder of self-discovery.

It is a story that has to be told, especially as we struggle with our own youth culture and, as adults, take little responsibility in the part we have played. Spring Awakening left me feeling full of passion, full of questions but mostly full of joy that real musicals, real stories and real talent is returning to our West End.

Spring Awakening does quite literally rock!

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