"I am not a man..."
by James Bretton on 28/06/09

I am Cantona! So claims the Gallic footballing legend, star of the pitch, and one of the stars of this movie.

Upon hearing that Ken Loach had made a comedy, I was excited, bemused, many emotions assaulted me - the great Loach making a comedy goes against everything I understood him to be. I mean, talk about 'miserablism.'

Anyway, in true Loachian style, although this is a touching comedy, it starts with Eric (not that one - the other Eric in this film - a depressed postman) driving around a roundabout. Many times. The wrong way. He ends up in hospital, and when he returns home, we see the debris of his everyday life: two mouthy and disrespectful stepsons, a boring job, but also, caring friends. Probably for me the strongest element of this film are Eric's friends, a group of caring and macho men - with a more gentle side and soft spot for self help books.

Eric conjures up an image of the other Eric, and starts a friendship with him that leads him to reconnect with his estranged wife, and leads to a massively satisfying climax.

There is something incredibly sweet about this film. It could be described as 'feel good' - not in that cheesy American way, but in a more touching, understated (except for the climax!) way.

For fans of Cantona or Loach, this is a must see.

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