"complete and utter comic treat"
by Aline Waites for remotegoat on 15/06/09

This satirical comedy from Camden's greatest playwright is an absolute
delight. Harry Meacher's rep company have really come into their own with this production with Meacher's expert direction and perfect casting. This comedy was written in 1916 and it takes place just before the outbreak of WW1 but was not produced until the war was over. To me, it is heartily reminiscent of the Cherry Orchard - focusing as it does on a group of idle people who are waiting for something to happen but are unable to do anything to prevent it - in this case not a revolution, but a war.

Bryan Hands gives a splendid performance as Captain Shotover - a wild eccentric inventor with a penchant for dynamite and a love of loud bangs - and working towards the seventh degree of concentration! He has a beautiful pre Raphaelite style daughter Hesione Hush bye- played by Judi Bowker with unkempt blonde hair tumbling down to her waist, a coral pink negligee and bare feet.

Her husband, played by Meacher, is Hector Hushabye - a flamboyant creature, who feels it his bounden duty in life to make women fall in love with him by telling them outrageous lies "You have to love liars or there would be no love in the world".

Shotover also has another daughter Ariadne that he has more or less forgotten about. Ariadne, Lady Utterword, has married to a man known as the numbskull (she would have married anyone to get out of the house). Ariadne arrives on the scene with her brother in law Randall.

"You can't be Ariadne, you are a grown up woman" remarks her disbelieving father Ellie Dunn (Georgia Cardy) a very practical, typically Shavian young woman arrives at the house having been invited by Hesione who has forgotten to tell anyone of her impending arrival. Ellie has fallen victim to Hector's charm but she is not sentimental, she is a strong young woman who deciders to make the most of her life by marrying and dominating Boss Mangan, the saviour of her father, a failed business man called Mazzini Dunn (Tom Reah). Mangan is a wonderfully pompous
ass as portrayed by Roger Sansom.

Additions to this crazy household are the wonderfully comic nurse Guiness, played by Angela Graham and The Burglar (Albert Clack).

This is a comedy treat with every line a giggle. It deserves a much longer run. Rush to see it.

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