"Predictable but action packed movie"
by James Bretton on 10/05/09

As a fan of heros and freaks, I was excited about seeing this film - Wolverine is much less cheesy than, say, Superman, not as dark as Batman, and, I like the fact that he doesn't wear any dodgy pants over tights combos. He's smooth, and according to my female friends, gorgeous. As one of Marvel's most popular characters, surely this had to be amazing? Well...no.

So...what wasn't right with it? Well, it's the back story of Wolverine, obviously minus the other X-men. How interesting is that story? Sadly, not that interesting. It starts in Canada (well, it's nice to have a non-American hero) in 1845. Following the death of his father, the young Wolverine - known as James, runs off with Victor, a fellow mutant. Together they fight in various world, including both world wars and Vietnam. All this without ageing or gettiing injured, as they have special healing powers.

Things start to get nasty when (after more adventures) Victor murders Logan's (what James is now known as) girlfriend.

Without going into more and more plot points, you can get the idea that this film is heavy on the action sequences, and light on real story or structure. The dialogue is repetitive, and the ending seems a bit random - as if it were taked on at the last minute (but I won't spoil it for you).

So...what's right with it? Well, it's heavy on the action sequences. The visual spectacle is well worth a look. And overall, despite problems with structure, it is still an enjoyable watch. Not the film I hoped it was going to be, but still, for fans of X-men, a decent way to spend a couple of hours.

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