"well acted dark disturbing drama"
by Philip Herbert for remotegoat on 25/02/09

It is a special celebration. It is DAD's Big Day . He is 60 and although the family have recently been bereaved the show ( and party ) must go on - come what may!
The table is laid, candles lit and glassware polished to perfection.

Nothing must go wrong - but plenty does.

Here is a really well acted, beautifully directed rendition of this haunting disturbing play. The entire cast give their all and ease us into this deep dark secret that can never be spoken of , never admitted to, never acknowledged.
This party is a time for speeches and songs and plenty of food and drink too- why spoil it with sordid sexual secrets, allegations and denials.

Panny Skrivanos is spellbinding as Christian, Craig Karpel as Helge the Father has an edge of cruelty and corruption , Maggie Robson as Else his wife was brilliant and I could not take my eyes off her internal turmoil and constant pain. Likewise Georgina Thompson as the sister Helene had so many very touching moments, in fact everyone deserves a mention - even the waiting staff who filled glasses, removed used crockery , re-set tables and moved about with a quiet ease and confidence.

This company should be so proud of their efforts. I saw this play in the West End a couple of years ago - and this version was better.

Catch it while you can.

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