"A fun, slick, stylish production"
by Jill Lawrie for remotegoat on 15/01/20

Starting life as a student production at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival back in 2017, this cult hit has now snowballed into a sell-out international production nominated for 5 Olivier Awards including Best New Musical.

A historical re-mix that celebrates the six wives of Henry VIII and retells their individual stories of rivalry as they try to out do each other and earn the final approval crown (for worst life with the King) from the audience. Asserting their heartbreak, victimisation and wit these Tudor brides each perform their own stories as a solo piece adding strong feminist displays of confidence.

The powerful vocals from these lively talented girls with each bringing their own personalities to the characters they play, coupled with imaginative costumes by Gabriella Slade and illuminated staging ensure that the production is a stunningly visual treat. Slade fuses modern, unconventional and contemporary materials for her pop fashion costumes but with a strong nod to historical detail all of which adds to this high octane, energetic and vibrant show.

Appealing to a wide demographic this phenomenal sextet bring the familiar rhyme Divorced, Beheaded, Dead, Divorced, Beheaded Survived to a wonderful new celebration Divorced, Beheaded… Live!

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