"Social Interaction at various parties!"
by Margaret Morley for remotegoat on 08/06/19

I suspected from the advertisement, this would be a joy for those who love to party and those who want to party more. The picture was tasteful and artistic. The show is written and performed by one woman, Jodie Irvine. I think she has a great future in writing and performing and demonstrates much confidence.

On the administration side the A5 flyer gave details of the production and organisations who can help with such things as emotional abuse. However it was quite small print which some people may have difficulty reading it and if one wants to cut down on paper to consider the environment printing larger and on both sides is an option. It would also have been interesting to know details of her training. There was no ticket so people did not get a memento of the event. Some of the language is NOT suitable for children.

However the play itself demonstrated in depth knowledge and understanding of social interactions and in places provided comedy to a receptive audience. It is educational and entertaining.

The costume was a plain colour (with matching nail varnish) which I thought worked well as it did NOT detract from the nice party set up of colourful and patterned party items, such as paper plates. The dialogue was clearly spoken and quite fast paced and I would have thought quite challenging being that one person is speaking to people who are not actually there at times.

The structure of the play covering five parties also gives scope for other people to play each party scene. All in all an enjoyable and thought provoking evening.

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