"High quality political satire rocks"
by Sascha Cooper for remotegoat on 01/06/19

Brexit may have divided a nation, but the show 'Brexit' really brought my final fringe review to a new level of quality. Tom Corradini and Samuel Toye play a father and son who may be close relationship wise, but one prefers to remain in the UK and the other wants to leave. What evolves is a political satire with elements of absurdist mime, physical theatre and two politically challenged puppets.

The two men had a clear strong connection on stage that enchanted the audience and had us hooked on every action and word. The writing was slick and very sensitively handled, with some brutal honesty about the way of the world today. Even Star Wars was looked at in a way that made it applicable to Brexit itself. The idea of what makes us British was also pulled to pieces by them.

In terms of the staging of 'Brexit', not only was the simple use of two chairs, two puppets and two pull up screens effective, but the sharp scripted wit was superbly used to highlight tension and the frustration the public may be currently feeling in these troubled times. The lighting and sound by Chris Postle was also second to none and the whole thing between the three of them became a visual treat.

This is a show which may divide opinions, but the bravery of Corradini and Toye's performance choices was noted and their comradery on stage reminded me a little of Steptoe and Son mixed with Laurel and Hardy. It will go from strength to strength and is one not to be missed on tour.

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