"rip-roaring and extra jolly evening"
by Aline Waites for remotegoat on 31/05/19

OK We'll start by facing facts Mr Alborough is probably the most anarchic, idiotic, lunatic writer and creator of comedy since the days of Spike and Sellers. This is the goon show for the twenty-first century. It references Computer games, Enid Blyton, Politics, Religion, Scooby Doo, the family Addams and has the most alarming choreography ever seen on any stage - devised by Sophia Priolo and perfectly and accurately performed by the five extraordinary characters. One imagines hours and hours of rehearsals.

Ben Alborough plays the Leader like a kind of junior Bertie Wooster - one imagines him organising a not very successful amateur cricket club in the outskirts of Ludlow. But the real star, apart of course from Mr Alborough himself, is the dog designed in cardboard like all the props including guns, a cutlass, glasses of pop etc by Fenella Corrin. I presume the dog is a near relation to Scooby Do and who appears to help out at useful moments, zooming along the floor when needed.

The characters are like no others as they are like everybody. There is a terminally stupid cowboy called Johnny Screwdriver vibrantly performed by Will Beynon. Frieda, (Lottie Davies) a crazy scientist who seems permanently attached to her laptop as she discovers more and more scientific facts that nobody ever really wants to know. Aurora is a beautiful visionary and medium who, despite her elegant appearance, is not averse to entering into fisticuffs with Madame Science. Pippa Caddick plays her like a near relation to Mortician Addams .

The fifth member of the cast Bobby Cluecrew, played by Tom Myles, is one of those people who appear to know everything and everybody. Not surprising when he pops up as so many different characters during the course of the play. Uncle Eustace, the gardener, a ghost and a well-known movie star.

Despite the general idiocy of the piece, it is cleverly worked out and some hysterically funny scenes well focussed by Chris McDonnell's lighting.

The director is Olivia Rose Deane and Matthew Farrugia provides music and chorus songs delivered by the entire cast.
Producers: Lauren King and Jason Fité for Peracals Productions

A rip-roaring and extra jolly evening designed to cheer everybody up. It will be at the Brighton Festival from the end of May and from thence there are plans for the Edinburgh Festival. Definitely worth the trip!

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