"Political satirical show with quirkiness"
by Sascha Cooper for remotegoat on 23/05/19

Jack Cherry is an interesting performer to watch. He created a show in which using a fusion of political satire, cabaret and some absurdist humour, he portrayed a variety of characters who represent today's unpredictable climate we live in.

Whilst his energy and vocal quality was good and enjoyable to watch as all the characters developed, it felt like the show was split down the middle humour wise - depending on where you lie on the political spectrum, this comedy was very hit and miss. Some of the script work needs to be worked on more also, especially one sketch in which he asked for audience participation. Usually if you ask for audience participation, it is generally expected to be part of the show. However when he got a volunteer, he was clearly not prepared for this aspect and had to adapt quickly. Whilst he handled it well, going forward it might be advisable to make it more clear that participation is not needed for the sketch.

Also this show seemed to be more political satire than absurdist. There were obviously uses of fruit and interpretive dance from this genre, but maybe more absurdist silliness could be included such as mime, physical theatre and less text to give a more balanced show.

Despite these things mentioned, Jack Cherry did create very well rounded characters and when he and his very able keyboard player adapted well known songs for satire purposes, the payoff was great. The slickness of this show does not need to change, but maybe think about experimenting more with more absurdist techniques to balance out the satire would make this a more powerful show. It has potential to grow into something bigger and better.

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