"Two handed heart warming show"
by Sascha Cooper for remotegoat on 18/05/19

Nathan and Ida's Hot Dog Stand showed the love story of two immigrants wanting to seek success in the world of food on Coney Island. There they not only find each other, but find a way to protect each other and Ida's secret sauce recipe.

This was an extremely heart warming tale only told by two actors through physical theatre, puppetry and dance. The two actors really made this piece engaging and intimate whilst using a template of classical movie songs from an era long gone. Plus the energy they put into so many different characters was immensely fun and upbeat - especially if an audience member had a hard day at the office. Plus the chemistry these two had was electric and felt extremely comfortable to.watch.

Two of the massive highlights included the simple and extremely adaptable set of the hot dog stand and the gangster boss puppet. Those stole the show with the simple way they flowed and changed the actors as the story progressed.

This is a show that will continue to grow and change. It has everything you want from comedy to sentimentality and more.

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