"Intense cop drama thriller twist"
by Sascha Cooper for remotegoat on 17/05/19

'A Steady Rain' brought a very different slant to Brighton Fringe. The average normality involves several one act shows that last for one hour that focuses on comedy and lightness. Not this time! Ben Pritchard and Culann Smyth played two Chicago officers who had been friends for years before something went wrong...

Keith Huff's writing portrayed an intense thriller with a twist. A two hander that involved an intertwining series of monologues and mini dual scenes that delved into the psychology of the two men as things emerged that affected Denny's family (Denny played well by Smyth), as well as his unstable relationship with his close friend Joey (played equally well by Pritchard).

What made this piece particularly powerful was the way in which not only did the two men work seamlessly together on stage, but it was also the seemingly simple set of two chairs, a small block for a stage, a walkway that indicated a murder scene, the most intriguing use of lighting and more importantly, the bar at the top of the stage that had steady drops of water coming out of it. This gave the one thing that was stable about the whole situation - the weather. Using this set up gave the play a really uneasy and dark edge to it as both men descended into their own hells.

This play is definitely the number one choice for intense psychological thriller drama and is one of the stronger dramatic pieces this year. Not to be missed, or taken entirely for granted. The work from the entire team was stirling and thrilling to watch!

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