"Thrilling, explosive and fighting fit!"
by Dorothy Billing on 15/05/19

The third in the John Wick movie series, this one delivers intense, high octane action that surpasses John Wick 2 in ways you'd never thought possible. It's a genre that's either revered or hated, the former if it's executed well, the latter if it's a slapdash mishmash of unimaginative fight and action scenes whose credibility is lost through mechanical staging, ending in predictability and a lukewarm response from disappointed aficionados.

Well you'll definitely sit up and pay attention to this one! With Keanu Reeves reprising his role as the invincible John Wick, and a director like Chad Stahelski, is there really any need to ask to see the manager? Stahelski, a former Jeet Kune Do instructor and professional stuntman, proves he has a discerning feel for executing something that's real and authentic, but also very good to look at, in what can only be described as a standout tribute to the action movie genre. John Wick 3 will leave you enthralled and gasping for breath, as your heart ends up pounding in time to John's erratic, andrenaline fuelled escape, as he desperately flees from lethal assassins.

The opening scene in the library has to be one of the most unique ones you could ever hope to get. There's nothing like a good book to bludgeon your way out of things! With a nod to some of the best James Bond villains we can think of, Stahelski pits ex basketball player Boban Marjanovic against Keanu, who is surely one of the tallest actors around, isn't he? Marjanovic at a mere, 7ft 8" positively towers over our hero as they make mayhem, and a lot of noise, within the velvety silence of those book lined corridors, and miraculously, neither is issued with a fine.

From this point on, the action and plot take on a dynamic tension which is only enhanced by the excellent fight scenes, which are fluid and authentic, and interspersed by beautiful photography. This is an action movie with style! From the neon lit backdrop of a city which never stops to the exotic mystique of Casablanca and the dry, but barren fascination of the Moroccan desert, the world of assassins and their secret hierarchy is one which you are inexplicably drawn to.

Stahelski's flawless choreography and staging is on another level, as is Keanu's excellent mastery, precision and timing, flanked by Halle Berry's impressive moves. There is really nothing to dislike here! Ian McShane is delightfully calm under pressure as Winston, the hotel manager, even though he becomes a target for John, and of course, things wouldn't be the same if it weren't for the concierge, ( Lance Reddick), who proves he does much more than the housekeeping. Gloss and substance are both provided in equal measure, in a movie which features motorbikes, horses and ninjas, but the main event will always be John Wick, weapons, suit (and dog) included. It's gory, full on, and some parts will have you squirming, but it's John Wick at his lethal best. Prepare yourself for full throttle entertainment, prepare for war!

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