"Yoga, comedy and drama intertwined"
by Sascha Cooper for remotegoat on 10/05/19

If any of you have considered doing yoga, stay away from a certain yoga centre in Hove...Up Your Prana focuses on a struggling yoga centre trying to cope when their manager disappears. Chaos reigns when a new receptionist arrives and as she tries to restore order, slowly secrets of everyone there are revealed.

Whilst this was a really well acted and put together show, plot wise this was rough around the edges with some loose ends not tied up, plus one actress being so quiet that her story was lost even on the front row.

Having said that, it is difficult at times to get the exact balance between drama and comedy when creating a show such as Up Your Prana, but between the actors, they created a perfect balance as they drew us into what was holding them back from moving forward. It included the stand in manager with an anger issue (played brilliantly by Kim Wright), the receptionist with a dark secret, the vip guest with a colourful background and a troubled past, the oap who knows how to live, the handyman wanting to try something different and a young teacher with father issues she is trying to escape. All these characters had their comedic highlights and we'll held dramatic moments respectively and we grew to like them as the show progressed.

What may have made this production even better is by expanding a little on some of the stories as we wanted to know more and potentially expanding the play after when it finishes to tie up the loose ends. Apart from that, Up Your Prana is a strong piece with great actors who drive the story forward and leave us wanting more.

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