"A razor sharp domestic comedy"
by Jill Lawrie for remotegoat on 04/04/19

Following a hit London run as “Monogamy” Torben Betts’ now renamed “Caroline’s Kitchen” is currently touring the UK before embarking on a New York transfer. Hugely successful past productions from The Original Theatre Company include “Birdsong” and “Flare Path” with this searing comedy “Caroline’s Kitchen” being followed later in the year by “Napoli, Brooklyn”.

Betts, an ex resident dramatist at the Stephen Joseph Theatre Scarborough was asked to revisit his original play and now dishes up a sharp, witty back comedy that explores the spectacular disintegration of a family firmly placed in “middle England”.

Caroline Mortimer is the nations favourite TV cook, she seemingly has it all ~ a multi-million pound house, husband, intelligent son and a sparkling career. However when the filming finishes, the wine flows, an unexpected visitor turns up and an embarrassing set of photos are circulated ~ the heat is turned up and various unpleasant truths are leaked.
This talented cast bring the drama to life with exceptional performances across the board in this cleverly crafted play. Tom England excels as Leo, the Cambridge student home to celebrate achieving a 1st, but also provoking outrage with his plans for the future and gives an utterly realistic portrayal. Caroline Langrishe captures superbly the role of glamorous darling of middle England, Caroline Mortimer, attempting to juggle her religious conscious with her complex and emotional family issues and a standout performance too from Aden Gillett as the bi-polar, golf loving husband Mike, forever fearing the sudden appearance of the grim reaper!

There is plenty of enjoyment to be had from this delicious disclosure as the celebrity chef’s family fragments before our eyes revealing the fragility of their desperately unhappy lives.

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