"Clever and original devised theatre"
by Matthew Partridge for remotegoat on 03/04/19

“Hush Now” is a piece of devised theatre, currently running at the Baron’s Court Theatre, directed by Carl Fletcher and Danielle Florence. Penny (Abby Enoch) has lost her father George (Alex Lopez) in an accident, and is struck dumb by her grief, and the lingering guilt over her role in the accident. Her family and relatives, including her mother Annabel (Grace MacDougall), cousin Chrissy (Elly Collingwood) and Aunt Hannah (Lucy Speckley) react with a mixture of concern, indifference and outright hostility. We also see flashbacks to the relationship between George and Annabel.

Running at roughly fifty minutes, the piece is short, probably a bit too short, and the ending seems sudden. But what the piece lacks in length it makes up for in atmosphere. Veiled characters and puppetry represents the emotions running through Penny’s mind. However, what makes the piece really effective is the decision to give the audience headphones to listen through while they watch the show. This allows Emma Robson’s haunting original piano music to be mixed in with the dialogue, heightening the atmosphere and delivering an underlying sense of menace. Overall, this is an intelligent piece, tense in parts, moving in others.

“Hush Now” is produced by KDC Theatre. Cast also includes Michaela Mackenzie in the ensemble.

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