"Clever, Poignant with Subtle Humour"
by Debra Hall for remotegoat on 12/03/19

Through association with Disney and the Silver Screen the Mary Poppin’s character, Mr Banks has become something of an enigma in recent times.

Interestingly, this new comedy by writer, James Kettle includes repartee between the man that played Mr Banks in ‘64, David Tomlinson and Walt Disney himself; plus, other imagined anecdotes between the two – both on and off the film set.

The Disney connection is just a fraction of what this one-man show is all about. Actor and Comedian, Miles Jupp plays Tomlinson ‘To a T’., least to how we imagine Tomlinson to have been, because his characterisations in his two major roles with Disney (and in lesser ranked films too) were of a type.

There is an assumption in this piece therefore, that Tomlinson was similar in his real-life persona to the parts he played. That being a dignified, slightly pompous individual with a special kind of humility and gentleness attached to him. 'A product of his time' you could say, brought about from serving in WWII to being raised by a narcissist father.

This play runs with all of these notions. The story is in retrospect and the writing and the creative team reveal a remarkable life story in many ways. Jupp is so incredibly persuasive and his performance is clever, yet delivered in an uncontrived and easy going fashion. This is much more than an impersonation, Jupp almost morphs and becomes the man that you have to blink and think twice sometimes!

This is an entertaining, charming and poignant play that is full of nostalgia.

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