"This Courtroom story is riveting!"
by Debra Hall for remotegoat on 31/01/19

This is large production by Middle Ground Theatre Company with a star filled cast. It’s a riveting watch!

The Verdict portrays attorney, Frank Galvin (Ian Kelsey). Galvin is an evasive sort with a drink problem. Despite his flaws Galvin has real heart and a quiet determination to seek justice for Debbie Ann; a young mother who has been left forever incapacitated after birthing complications.

(Act I): chronicles meetings and conversations that Galvin has with various agenda driven individuals, mainly in his Boston based office, and sometimes with partner and confidant Moe Katz (Denis Lill) present; ‘keeping him on his toes’.

The scenes that do not include Galvin, are where the defense and counter-arguments are being presented as part of the story telling.

Galvin’s favourite watering hole is a city bar room where things happening there appears to be nothing more than an aside to the main plot. It comes to light however that all scenes of the first Act are dramatic touchpoints which gently and surefootedly unleash the story threads ready to brought together in Act II.

It is a clever and masterful script, with a definite feel for what it was like to back in the 1970s.

(Act II): Large scale scenery has been switched during the interval and we see the Courtroom and all its civic ‘majesty’. As in Act I, scenery art and joinery made pieces are, again, super impressive.

There is much depth to the main character, Galvin than first appears. It is especially ironic for him: the challenges he has to overcome and what he has to resist in his quest to do the right thing for the defenceless Debbie Ann; and all of this is the real rub.

Director, Michael Lunney and all cast members are distinctive in the telling of this meaningful story so successfully. An exceptional performance by Kelsey with his soft voice packed with emotion when under pressure, and his slicked back look. Also, Lill’s character ‘of a certain age’ he plays so identifiably and endearingly well.

The Verdict is at Belgrade Theatre, Coventry until 02 Feb, there are many spring UK tour dates ahead across the country. It’s a great show.

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