"believable slice of modern life"
by Aline Waites for remotegoat on 15/01/19

This play was originally performed at the BBC on Radio. Just one of many successful radio plays by this author.

The set by Louie Whitemore is a stunner. It is the messiest set ever seen onstage. There are various garments scattered about the place, some of them on a clothes horse , some of them just hanging around. Empty paper coffee cups, books, all old and practically falling apart. There are posters Four Weddings and a Funeral, NottingHIll, Love Actually. The owner of this squalid apartment is obviously obsessed with Richard Curtis. In the centre is a table in the middles of which surrounded by toy animals coffee cups and sandwich wrappings is an open laptop - obviously the centre of this person's world.

And seated at the table is the messiest thing of all. A young woman in a dirty pink rabbit costume complete with ears. She is the occupier of the apartment and is somebody nobody has ever really seen or heard of. Yet she is famous, she tells us so - she has thousands of followers - on line.
She wears the dirty pink rabbit suit which she keeps on for days at a time, Living in it, sleeping in it, shopping in it.

One day on her visit to her local supermarket, she finds herself in the middle of a funeral. A pink rabbit in the middle of solemn black suited people. Unfortunately there was a photographer there who took a picture which was printed in all the red top papers and chat magazines. This took the fancy of the public and it is how she became famous on line.

This is a real life style monologue well acted out by Kimberley Nixon a Bafta- winning actress with a pretty un-made up face, hair screwed back - the positive epitome of a young struggling writer who works obsessively without any kind of financial reward.

The performance is honest, although it is not an easy task to be on stage alone for about eighty minutes. . She describes her family, her middle class sister who expects her to join in with family expenses - because she doesn't dare to admit that she is working for nothing. He father who is a teacher and would be writer.

But everything about her is ruled by that laptop on her table. Famous for a while, admired and then despised by the same people who were her admirers. There is no way to get rid of the people who wanted to be in her orbit.She found out how it was to be loved or disliked by crowds of people.

A totally believable slice of modern life, funny and sad in turn, but depressing for me as I know so many artists in this situation. The Internet can destroy by taking over lives and interfering with common sense and real ambition.

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