"McWhir has directed them beautifully"
by Aline Waites for remotegoat on 10/12/18

Terry is the central character of this story which takes place just before Christmas on Staten Island. Not a place for a young man who longs to live in Florida along with The Golden Girls.

He has a fancy for Buck a close neighbour. Unfortunately Buck is in love with Alex, Terry's flatmate who is in a relationship with Samantha Terry is disconsolate but drags back Roger, who is married with children and fancies everybody. Their affair is interrupted by Buck who comes looking for Alex who is currently appearing as Santa Claus in Staten Island Mall. A job that brings in a little money to pay the rent rather than go with Terry to tap dancing auditions. Samantha is on a long tour so Alex is alone and therefore available.

The play was written before the advent of the internet and it seems a little odd nowadays to realise that the two lovers Alex and Sam were not able to communicate regularly. Sam is away and is only back for Christmas. She spends Christmas Eve with Alex and his friends Buck and Terry and believes everything is still OK.

Luca Livesey times Terry's comedy lines quite brilliantly. The one girl Sam is played with true emotion and feminine charm by Natasha Edwards, Nick Brittain is the much desired Alex, Robbie Capaldi is Buck and the sex predator Roger is played deliberately unattractively by Faros Xenofos.

Rob McWhir has directed them beautifully and all the characters come to life before us. Designer Richard Lambert is forced to adapt the set to the Buttons pantomime which comes before it but he manages it excellently. The production is very professional.

Originally this was a gay play with a totally male cast, but somehow, casting the part of Sam as a girl makes the character much more vulnerable.

An interesting play to follow John Savournin's crazy pantomime. Worth hanging around for.

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