"it's pride with no prejudice"
by Aline Waites for remotegoat on 06/12/18

At the Trafalgar Studio 2 there is a rope dividing the front of house from the bar which stays there until the play is ready to begin. When the bar is taken off the hook and the staff in place to relieve the customers of their tickets, a whirlwind in tiny pink shorts storms into the bar and rushes between the queue of people waiting to get in, kissing and hugging them indiscriminately. This is Toby Marlow – actor, musician and author of this extravaganza.

Following him in a rather more stately manner is a taller figure who greets the visitors in a more conventional way. This is Zak Ghazi-Torbati – actor, singer, and Toby’s co author.

This display of love and friendliness carries on greeting the audience until all the seats are filled and the show is about to start.

Toby is a ball of fire with more energy than anybody I have ever known. I sat next to a friend of his for a while. ‘He is always like that’ I was told. He is a talented musician, takes his place at the piano and plays throughout, standing up, sitting down – often dancing.

But this is a serious exercise. They are going back in time. Finding out things about themselves. Why they became gay, how they found out, and how they dealt with it.

Zak tells us he was obsessed with Batman. Fell in love with either Batman or Robin or maybe just bats. So they sing a song about it.

Toby had a girl friend called Georgina and after a few feeble attempts at lovemaking had to admit ‘He couldn’t get it up; so he wrote a song about it.

Zak, who went to a co educational school became obsessed with the bodies of the boys in the locker room, and was full of shame. Toby who went to public school was also obsessed by the boys in the locker room, but happily exposed his feelings without any shame. They sing a song about it and this time they get the audience to join in.

Although the show had a serious intent it is played with so much fun, laughter and love that it is totally irresistible. They also explore what must be the feelings of ‘straight’ guys who fall into the theatrical rainbow and are so jealous they make a rainbow of their own, and, guess what? They sing a song about it.

The show is directed by Lucy Moss who was the third author. The three were responsible for perhaps the biggest hit in town ‘SIX’ The story of the wives of Henry Eighth currently touring but in January for an unlimited run.

Another gem of a show written by three young people in their twenties all enormously talented and all with the same sense of crazy humour. As they describe it "pride with no prejudice"

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