"acted with truth and honesty"
by Aline Waites for remotegoat on 19/11/18

The incredibly prolific playwright Tennessee Williams wrote around ninety one act plays at the beginning of his career. The characters and situations all turn up in various forms paving the way for The Glass Menagerie, Streetcar named Desire, Cat on a Hot tin Roof etc.

As with most of Williams' work the emphasis is on the women in all three of these plays. The uncaring man in each of these short items is played by the same actor Richard Stephenson Winter a large man with a huge stage presence to match his build.

In the first play "Every Twenty Minutes". The Woman is played by Andrea Milton Furlotti . She is married to a man who unfaithful and is mentally cruel . She says to him she is depressed. 'Is there no cure for depression?', to which he answers 'You'll find my revolver in the desk drawer'

'But I want something to care for' 'Then get something' He knows she find s jazz music worryng and neurotic so he plays it all the time.

In "The Pink Bedroom" the man is with his beautiful blonde mistress (Ava Amand) in her pink bedroom.. She is getting fed up with seeing him only when his wife allows. 'You've never seen me in daylight' For some reason she has expected him to tell her the truth. She wants the same respect he gives his wife. But the man is also fed up with the situation. He has become allergic to the colour :Pink. Everything in the room is Pink. He spends the second half of the play just shouting 'Pink. I hate pink' which she tries to get some sense out of him.

Before the next play there are a couple of Willams poems spoken by David Angland 'We have not long to love' and 'Life Story' by Ava Amande.

The third play 'The Fat Man's Wife' is probably the most mature of the three. It is set in a city apartment in Manhattan 3.0 am New Years day 1938

Joe Cartwright is a theatrical entrepreneur and he and his wife Vera are home from a show biz party. He has spent all the time with the actress Esmeralda. She has been talking to Dennis – a very young director. Joe goes out – for aspirin – but in fact to visit a blond of his acquantance. Vera played by the very lovely and talented Jessica Boyd, decides to go to bed, but is startled when Dennis arrives. He believes he is love with her and wants her to run away with him.

They are all typical examples of dysfunctional marriages and sophisticated New York divorces. Seamus Newham has directed it with style and some really good period music. (especially noted 'It never entered my mind' my favourite Rodgers and Hart song)

The plays are chosen well and they are beautifully acted with truth and honesty.

The intentional is to work through the whole ninety something Williams one actors. If so they will be well worth seeing. Send us the next three.!

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