"Entertaining production of Feydeau's farce"
by Matthew Partridge for remotegoat on 09/11/18

“A Flea In Her Ear”, currently running at the Teatro Technis, and produced (and directed) by Gavin McAlinden’s and his Actor’s Gymnasium, is a well-known play by the legendary French farceur Georges Feydeau. Victor Emmanuel’s (Michael Claff) impotence causes his wife Raymonde (Tracy Coogan) to suspect that he is having an affair. She therefore persuades Lucienne (Hanna Luna) to write a letter inviting him to a notorious hotel. However, a mix up ensures that Victor’s friend Tournel (Thibault Lecat) ends up answering the invitation. Hominedes (Victor Pinto) becomes convinced that his wife is the one who invited Tournel, and storms off, vowing to kill her lover, prompting Victor to visit the hotel to warn his friend.

Putting on a complicated French farce that stretches over three acts, with an international cast is a difficult task. Despite the need for two intervals to allow for set changes, and some uncertain articulation among some of the actors (not counting James Bruce’s Camille who has a speech impediment that is part of the plot), McAlinden’s cast manage to do this with some aplomb. Claff deserves particular credit for playing Victor Emmanuel and hapless hotel-clerk Poche as two distinct characters who just so happen to look like each other. While the production is still a little rough around the edges, the broad nature of the farce means that it is an entertaining evening.

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