"Worth having a try, delicious"
by Aline Waites for remotegoat on 09/11/18

The Hotel Room is rather posh with a décor all white and fumed oak. True to the title, even Before the lights go up there is a sound of people humping. However they pleasure you to deceive. I’ll say no more.

Felicity Duncan and Nick Raggett are the two protagonists in this funny and somewhat wistful play about middle age love

They have been married twenty five years Alice has booked the room in the hope that it will inspire some romantic feelings in her Henry who has turned into a dull TV News watching settled down husband. She wants a little excitement in her life and is hoping for so much but doesn’t seem to be getting it.

Alice has been doing her bet to keep young. She’s joined a gym and done diets but is unable to lose the upwardly mobile numbers on the weighing machine. And of course she blames it all on Henry and their three children.

It is a situation that must be very common to many middle aged married people as we can tell from the chortles of recognition throughout the performance .

These two have exceptionally good comedy timing with no problems playing out sexual fantasies. These are two totally uninhibited performers – once they get going on their fantasies. The recital of which Alice is convinced will bring Henry’s mind back to sexual matters.

The problem, says the author, that our middle aged e Middle Aged People were brought up in an atmosphere of Romance and really need champagne and roses. Whereas now the world seems to be driven by youthful exuberance.

Michele Riml is a Canadian Playwright and this play had a smash hit in Vancouver with many further runs all over Canada the US and Eastern Europe It is a short play, but very densely populated with laugh lines. Michele Riml knows how to write ‘em, Phoebe Barran knows how to direct ‘em and the actors can do the rest.

It is rare that one can find an eighty minute play that can hand you pathos as well as laugh aloud humour. It makes for a highly successful evening at the theatre. I

The audiences at this tiny theatre in Cheery Chiswick are always very appreciative and come from all over town. Added to the joy provided by this little play we have in the bar Chiswick’s own made gin from the first copper distillery in London. It is gin made the way it used to be. Worth having a try! Delicious.

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